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#1476 Glitter Girls - Groom and Show
Back to Listing   R190.00   $13.60
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Let's Dazzle Together.
Help your Glitter Horses sparkle with these gorgeous and glittery accessories for your fabulous four-legged friend!

This 14' doll equestrian accessory set comes with:
1. Stylish silver-checkered horse blanket to put under the saddle
2. Miniature grooming supplies like, brush, comb, and shampoo, and a sparkling pink tote to keep it all together.
3. Bedazzled hair extensions in pink and blue ombre with glittering jewel accents can be used to add glittery glamour to your doll or your horse!

{ Horses sold separately }

Brand: Glitter Girls
Made in China

Hearts for Hearts Girls
TIPI from Laos

Journey Girl Doll
CALLIE in Australia

Madame Alexander Doll
Little Mermaid ARIEL

Our Generation Dolls
All 18 inch clothes and shoes fit Our Generation Dolls

detail.aspx?id=1476&c=1077&sc= #1476 Glitter Girls - Groom and Show
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