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International Shipping?
Unfortunately we do not do international shipping. This is due to poor service of our Post Office and parcels going missing.

EFT payments within SA?
Yes we do! Email, Whatsapp me or use the 'Contact Us' page with your order and I will send you an invoice with payment details.

Bank Details
Branch - Middelburg - 270-150
Account Number: 62335006327
Reference: Your name and surname

I offer basic repair services for South African Girl and other similar dolls like American Girl. Please note I am not affiliated with American Girl Doll in any way.
Basic operations include: Restringing and tightening, replacing limbs, cleaning, removing spots, re-wigging, wig placement.

Use the 'Contact Us' page for more admittance details and pricelist.

Made in China vs South Africa
SA GIRL DOLL is made in China where 75% percent of the world's dolls are made. This ensures for best quality, knowledge and experience.

We have some accessories that are made in China but this is Doll Play SOUTH AFRICA. You will note that on all the items it will tell you where the item is made. Clothing made by ourselves here in South Africa is made by a high standard with best quality fabrics and quality control.
We need to support Made in South Africa!

Clothes and shoes are packed in see-through cellophane bags for cost effectiveness. We would rather spend on quality items than quality packaging.
Large parcels are sent in recycled boxes.


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