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I am Liese Brouwer and I live in Middelburg, MP in South Africa. The best thing I am in life is a mom to my 3 children Declan, Zoe and Avian.

I have loved dolls and made doll clothes all my life. Thank you to my gran and my mom! I travelled to the States a few times and was introduced to 18' Girl Dolls. I loved them! What they represent and how easy it was to love them. They inspire young girls to still play doll in this fast moving age of technology! (they keep the mom's and granny's playing too!)

I never gave the dolls much thought until my second baby was born... a girl! I knew Zoe will need an age appropriate doll when the time comes. I bought her a pre-loved doll and started making clothes for her. The fun continued and I started making Sewing patterns and selling them under my label, Doll Tag Clothing.

In all my work and searching I realised that the world has these dolls to play with, USA, Canada, England, Russia, Europe and Australia... why did our girls not have the same privilege! And so South African Girl Doll was born! SA Girl Doll was born in 2008 and is now mostly sold out!

Ons praat Afrikaans! Omdat die poppe en webblad internasionaal is het ek besluit om alles in Engels te doen. My moeder taal en my kinders se moeder taal is trots Afrikaans! 

My INSPIRATION and love for dolls
I believe that every girl should have a doll of her own that she can love and dress as often as she pleases. This is a girls dream world.
I have known sewing all my life. I used to sit and cut out my mom's patterns while she used to sew the most amazing wedding dresses.
My dolls always had a suitcase full of clothes. My granny made most of my baby doll clothes and always added detail with so much love.

Doll Tag Clothing - (Doll Patterns)

Hatched in Africa - (Machine Embroidery Designs)

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