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Our Generation Dolls
All 18 inch clothes and shoes fit Our Generation Dolls

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Denim and Fringe Dress

  R80.00     R50.00
Deep Rose Skirt Set

  R80.00     R50.00
Black and Red Dress Set

  R115.00     R90.00
Mermaid Ruffle Set - Pink

  R120.00     R90.00
Side Pocket Dress - Chevron Pockets

  R90.00     R50.00
Side Pocket Dress - Grey Pockets

  R90.00     R50.00
Cuddle Ruffles Cotton Pajamas

  R135.00     R90.00
Party Dress - Green Spring

  R110.00     R70.00
Slumberland Pajamas - Blue Star

  R100.00     R50.00
Corduroy Pants - Sage Green

  R60.00     R30.00
Sparkle Dress - Teddy Bears

  R100.00     R60.00
First Day of School - Light Blue

  R100.00     R50.00
First Day of School - Dark Blue

  R100.00     R50.00
First Day of School - Green

  R100.00     R50.00
First Day of School - Pink

  R100.00     R50.00
American Girl Crafts - Mini Garlands

  R100.00     R80.00
Jack O'Lantern Set

  R80.00     R50.00
Sequin Fedora - Silver

  R90.00     R45.00
Fun Fair Dress - Yellow

  R80.00     R30.00
My Life As - Narwhal Float Play Set

  R190.00     R150.00
Bed Headboard - Rose Pink

  R80.00     R50.00
White Water Raft - Red

  R140.00     R100.00
My Life As - Biology Play Set

  R190.00     R150.00
Baby Alive - Red Polka Party Dress

  R100.00     R80.00
Baby Alive - Party Dress with Dresses Print

  R100.00     R80.00
Baby Alive | Animator - Floral Party Dress

  R100.00     R80.00
Baby Alive | Animator - Yellow Party Dress

  R100.00     R80.00
Tiny Green Lacey Shoes - 4.5cm Foot

  R85.00     R70.00
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