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#1191 Craft - Doll Size Hangers
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Looking for some cost effective doll size hangers? These hangers also fit over a regular rod that is in your cupboard.

Part 1 - Baby Hangers
Step 1: Buy a pack of baby hangers from Ackermanns.
Step 2: Cut off the two side ends. I used a side cutter. You can use a garden scissor or something similar.

The hangers are the perfect size for your 18 inch doll clothes!

Part 2 - Fun Find Hangers
- Look around when you shop! Often you will buy something that comes with a hanger as part of the packaging. Some are smaller (ideal for 14' dolls) and others a little larger. These are all perfect for doll clothes!

Hearts for Hearts Girls
TIPI from Laos

Journey Girl Doll
CALLIE in Australia

Madame Alexander Doll
Little Mermaid ARIEL

Our Generation Dolls
All 18 inch clothes and shoes fit Our Generation Dolls

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