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#3590 Hearts for Hearts Girls Doll - Rahel from Ethiopia
Back to Listing   R875.00   $70.00
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The girl with a kind and loving heart! Rahel from Ethiopia

Rahel is from Ethiopia and wears traditional dress from Africa. She is 36cm/14inch tall with dark skin, brown fixed eyes and long painted lashes. She has healthy blushing cheeks and a natural coloured full mouth. Her afro hair is incredibly soft and quite long, but a little shorter around her face.

Rahel is wearing a yellow ochre jersey body suit with short sleeves and a red sarong which fastens with velcro beneath the tie. The skirt has lots of embroidery around the hem and is beautiful.
Accessories Include:

- Sandals that are molded plastic
- Strings of beads around her neck which are molded plastic that looks like beads
- Silver earrings
- Different coloured bracelets
- Doll-sized hair comb
- Girl-sized heart charm bracelet
- Beautiful mini storybook about Rahel's life

Rahel lives in a big mud house with a thatch roof in Ethiopia and the family own lots of cows. Unfortunately where she lives is prone to drought so many people don't have enough food and many are infected with malaria too. One day a government worked came to the village and told her mother that they were looking for people to train to become community health workers, and Rahel's mother decided to join. She went away for training and learned how to check for Malaria and general health. People used to have to walk a long way for help but now they can visit Rahel's mother, and Rahel dreams of becoming a doctor.

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detail.aspx?id=3590&c=67&sc= #3590 Hearts for Hearts Girls Doll - Rahel from Ethiopia
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