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#3307 About 12 to 14 inch Dolls
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Mid-Size Fashion Play Dolls

Dolls without clothes! I have added a photo without their clothes on to show you the differences.

12 – 14” Dolls with Vinyl bodies. These are girl dolls (not baby or toddler dolls).

Here are the dolls I have in my collection that can all share clothes. (Left to right on photo). These are play dolls and most you can easily find to buy.

* Today's Girl by Peterkin
* Mine to Love by Melissa & Doug
* Corolle les Cheries (Not found in South Africa. You can buy a dark skin one from
* Hearts for Hearts
* Disney Toddler - 14 inch with reflective eyes (Found at Toys R US or Toyzone)
* My First Princess - 12 inch (Found at Toys R US or Toyzone)

Some dolls found outside of South Africa that are also compatible with these dolls are:
Betsy McCall (14 inch); Little Sister Doll (Argo’s Designa Friend UK); Paolo Reina 12.5” Doll


detail.aspx?id=3307&c=53&sc= #3307 About 12 to 14 inch Dolls
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