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#3181 Removing Pen Marks
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If you know dolls and vinyl you know that a ball point pen is a nightmare!
You can not remove those marks with any household cleaner!
I tried... and the last thing you want to do is destroy the vinyl of the doll.

Pens and dolls don't mix but if they do...
After doing a bit of research I found the solution and the product to help with this 'nightmare'!

{You need 10% Benzoyl Peroxide. This can be found in Acne Creams like - Oxy 10! Yes... oxicute those marks out!}

* Apply the cream onto the pen marks and place the doll in the sun or a very hot place (cover her hair as the sun can dry it out).
* Let her lie there for a day and remove the cream with a wet cloth.
* The marks will be gone or lighter. If they are not, add lotion and put her in the sun again for another day.

I had marks on a doll that took a week of treatment to before they were gone.

She will now be back to her old self! I tried the same cream on other inky blotches I had on another doll and it worked as well.

WARNING: Do not use the Benzoyl Peroxide on painted parts of your doll like on her face. It can lighten or remove the paint!


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