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#75 zo American Girl Doll - Rebecca Rubin - First Edition
Back to Listing   R2,100.00   $130.00
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2 - 5 Days Courier

Pre-Loved American Girl® Doll - Rebecca Rubin - Frist Edition (2009 - 2014).

This is a wonderful doll for someone who wants to give an American Girl® doll a new home.

This doll was bought as a played with doll and I completely restored her:
* She has all her original parts.
* The wig is an original American Girl® wig.
* She has been taken apart, cleaned and restrung with new elastics in her joints. This means her limbs are tight and she can stand on her own and her arms can hold a pose just as a new doll would.

She comes with her Original Meet outfit on. This includes:
Dress; Stockings; Boots; Bloomers.
NOT included - her hair clip and book

Flaws: This doll is in an excellent condition. Her hair is still shiny.

Note: This is a pre-loved second hand doll. I take great care to describe the doll's condition. Please take a look at the photos carefully before buying and feel free to ask any questions.

Doll Play SA and SA Girl Doll are not affiliated with American Girl® Doll. No endorsement is implied.

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detail.aspx?id=75&c=54&sc= #75 zo American Girl Doll - Rebecca Rubin - First Edition
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