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#3180 Cleaning your Doll's Skin
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With a lot of doll play your doll's vinyl arms and legs can get dirty. Sometimes regular soap does not clean it well enough!

For a deeper clean you can use a product called MAGIC ERASER

I purchased mine from 'The Crazy Store' but you can find it at other shops in the cleaning isle.

How to use:
WARNING: Your doll's eyes must not get wet. If you are washing her face be sure to cover her eyes with some cotton wool and tape.

1. Wet the Magic Eraser sponge and start rubbing on the dolls limbs. The sponge will start to disintegrate.
2. Once you have cleaned the limb rinse it well under running water.
3. Dry off and your doll is all cleaned up!

Hearts for Hearts Girls
CONSUELO from Mexico

Hearts for Hearts Girls

Hearts for Hearts Girls
RAHEL from Ethiopia

Hearts for Hearts Girls
NAHJI from India

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