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#30 Sophia's Doll - Julia
Back to Listing   R949.00   $70.00
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2 to 5 Days Courier

New in a box, Sophia's Doll.

This beautiful 18 inch soft body play doll is named Julia. She is one of several dolls in the Sophia's® doll collection. Her dark brown hair is easily styled and hangs straight down her back. She has brown eyes. She is a 
soft body doll that can share clothes and shoes with SA Girl doll.

The doll is new in a box and comes dressed in clothes from Dollplay SA.

You will get:
1. Julia doll
2. Top - White with black spots and Velcro closure in the back.
3. Leggings - Pink with elastic waist.
4. Shoes - White soft sole shoes with Velcro closure.

Panties not included

Made in China
Dollplay SA and SA Girl Doll are not affiliated with Sophia's®. No endorsement is implied

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