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#1657 My Friend Cayla Doll - Information Page
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My Friend Cayla was sold in South Africa between 2014 to 2015. They were sold at Toys R Us. They are still available in the USA and on the secondary market.
2017 Update: They are for sale for the Festive Season at Toy Zone.

My friend Cayla connects to your device via Bluetooth / WiFi and talks to you, tells stories and plays games with you.

MY FRIEND CAYLA doll has a slightly slimmer chest but can also share clothes with SA GIRL DOLL.

Have a Cayla doll? Does she need shoes?

Cayla feet are the same size as South African Girl Doll. So all her shoes will fit Cayla too!

Shoes can be found on this website under - 18' DOLL SHOES

Hearts for Hearts Girls
CONSUELO from Mexico

Hearts for Hearts Girls

Hearts for Hearts Girls
RAHEL from Ethiopia

Hearts for Hearts Girls
NAHJI from India

detail.aspx?id=1657&c=53&sc= #1657 My Friend Cayla Doll - Information Page
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